Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumn's Party with Friends

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.” Galatians 6:10

Having just my 4 little blessings and my protector husband is all I need for days on end.  Yes, you got me – I’m a loner. Love being home. Although, having taken testing before marriage, it showed that, at times, being with people energizes me. (I just might need a week off after the fact!)

This brings me back to the topic. I love coming up with table décor for get-togethers. Yes, it’s exhausting and a lot of work, but it is an outlet of me – Melanie.  (Not me – Mommy.  Remember my day job!) So I decided I wanted to invite all the wonderful ladies of our church to my home for an evening of relaxing fun. Just chatting and eating snacks were the only items on the “list of things to do.” 

I am a very scheduled person (sometimes, much to my husband’s dismay); naturally, I got certain things together earlier than the day of the event. Of course, not everything can be done on the day, so thanks to school (two boys there) and a willing mother (2 more kiddos with her) I finished several tasks in speedy order. I think I paused my ladies fall gathering prep for one hour total that day. 

Finally, the table décor was ready. Pumpkin dip nestled in a real pumpkin, mini apple pies ready to be devoured, celery sticks, crackers and chips ready to coordinate with bacon cheese dip, clusters of grapes and caramel, and cashew-covered pears perched on their pedestal eagerly awaiting their taker. Warm wassail (a holiday tradition started in our family by Janet Sankey) was ready to be poured into glass cups.

The woodstove was ready to welcome the ladies with warmth that the snowy outside could not give. My guests walked down the candlelit sidewalk and eagerly came inside to begin an evening of fellowship. I had been so excited about the party -- and there was no disappointment. What fun we had laughing and chatting!

Burlap bags filled with Homemade Granola
Click here for recipe

All the energy I had put into my evening was well worth it. I had more energy during that one day than I do in an entire week. (Maybe the procrastinator in me is usually at work…!?!) But listen to this quote: “The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” –Norman Vincent Peale- So true!

This is a fun way for God to use me in blessing others. But wait. Something else happened! In turn, the ladies blessed me. I was focused on making them feel special, but they sheltered me with their warm hugs, expressions of gratefulness and relaxed, smiling faces. One sweet friend bring me a gorgeous gift in beautiful presentation styling. Of course I told her I was ready to throw another party if it meant wonderful treats like that!

To the ladies who were there and might read this post: “Thank you for your sheltering. I loved giving of my time to help you enjoy an evening in which you felt like a special creation of God.”