Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sheltering -- Pumpkin Style

If someone were to pay you 10 cents for every kind word you ever spoke and collect from you 5 cents for every unkind word, would you be rich or poor? ~unknown

My friend, Stacy, (name has been changed to protect the guilty) was a young wife and eager to make her husband proud cooking for their first revival.  One thing she was sure she could do was make a pumpkin pie.  The crust formed a perfect circle.  The pumpkin was spread in the pan. All was ready -- time to bake it.  Stacy was so happy when it came out of the oven.  Admiring the golden brown crust, she sprinkled cinnamon on the fragrant orange masterpiece. She couldn't wait to serve it.

Stacy's husband beamed all through the meal.  He knew how hard his bride had worked to make this a special meal despite her lack of experience and their tight budget.  I don't recall what Stacy served for the main course, but I do know the crowning glory was the pie.  Well, until the evangelist took his first bite. His face reflected panic -- to swallow or not to swallow?

You see, Stacy's mother always used pumpkin pie filling.  Stacy used solid pack pumpkin with its bland earthy taste. No matter how delicious the pie looked, without the sugar included, it was disgustingly bitter.

How many times do we approach people without the sweetness we need?  Our abrasive words, stinging with sarcasm or imitation sweetening substitutes, can hurt, whether spoken, repeated or posted on a Facebook wall (of course in hopes they will be read by the nameless one intended).

But like solid pack pumpkin, adding the sweetness of the Holy Spirit keeps the words of our mouth acceptable, not only to others, but also to our Heavenly Father.

I find such joy in keeping my words sweet.  But when I allow my words to trample over the quiet checks of the Holy Spirit, to rush out in judgment or with deliberate criticism, I grieve.  And in the grieving, I taste solid pack pumpkin.  Unsweetened.  The tasteless words spoken cannot be unsaid.

Each day, when I spend time with God, I pray these words as a benediction: "Let the words of my mouth be acceptable unto God and my Redeemer."  I love the sweetness.  The joy.  The spicy pumpkin orangeness of acceptable words.

* * * * *

Little Pumpkin Boy

I saw a little boy with a pumpkin hat and thought my 'lil pumpkin boy needed one, too.  

I found the Beanie Baby Pumpkin Hat pattern and believe me when I say this is super easy.  I finished it in an evening.  For Camron I added five rows and adjusted the stem to fit.  I didn't make the vine.  Wouldn't a red one with a brown stem be cute?

I used Vanna's Choice yarn.  It crocheted great.  Morgan saw me finishing the hat and thought she needed a purple hat.  It was a toss up -- pink or purple but purple won.  I used this pattern from Craft Bits.  The only problem is she thought I could finished it before her momma came to pick her up.  Mawmaw's not that fast!

It would be cute to gift the hat along with A Pumpkin Prayer by Amy Parker.  This is a book teaching thankfulness for God's blessings.  It's a board book for ages one and older.

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Susan Rush said...

What an awesome quote about kind and unkind words. Really makes me think. Am I gaining wealth or depleting the banking acct? Oh, and pumpkin boy is way too adorable!!

Renee said...

Love the story and analogy. Once my sister made all the pumpkin pies for our family. My inlaws were there and ate there pie before they left for home. Each ate a whole piece and said nothing...later when we had our pie we all gagged...there was no sugar in it! My inlaw did not want to be impolite so just at theirs!! Guess there is an analogy in that too :)

Jo Royal said...

Great analogy! I have never tasted pumpkin pie though - its not something I have really come across here. However, I can still work hard at making sure my words stay sweet - whether spoken, typed - and even thought. Thank yo

Elizabethd said...

I loved the pumpkin hat!

Shoregirl said...

Thought provoking words......

What an adorable little pumpkin hat on an adorable little boy!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

How true about our words, they can't be taken back. I've learned (by the Grace of God) to stifle unkind words. Our words are are especially important with children with their sweet and gentle spirits.

Thanks for the devotion, and the link to the hat pattern. Your 'lil punkin is adorable. ~ Abby

SharonB said...

Thank you for this wonderful reminder! It is so important to take the time and make sure our words encourage and not tear down!

Crystal Mary said...

You are so right, and kindness cost nothing. A sweet word uttered will lift someone out of depression and fill them with hope. I am guilty of being cross sometimes...what is needed when that happens is to say sorry, as that helps also. My sister has a quote on her fridge,"If its not kind, don't say it." Have a lovely weekend Pamela and keep encouraging. much love Crystal Mary.

A Joyful Noise said...

Our words can hurt or heal. Your pumpkin pie story is so true, when the sweetner and spice is left out there is such a bad taste and that goes for words too. Thank you for your kind words at my recent post.

Rina Peru said...

This is a good post, Pamela, touching on the weaknesses which we all have and come out every now and then.

In my daily prayers, I never forget to ask God's help that I'll always speak with kindness and gentleness.

Your pumpkin boy just looks so cute and his hat, too!
Have a blessed weekend,

Joan said...

Great analogy with the pumpkin. Our words can wound or they can bring healing. Be bitter or sweet. I love the verse from Proverbs. I cross-stiched a sample years ago with this verse.

Pam List said...

Loved all of this, I mean really loved.
I am going to do something a bit crazy this week to reflect on sweet words. I have an empty glass jar and I am going to mark it with the Proverb and fill it with sugar. If I get a mean streak, which I do with PMDD I am going to scoop out a spoon of sugar and pour it down the sink.
No, worries, I have tons of sugar from last year that needs to be freshened up so I could not donate the old stuff.
I am not a waster. lol

Love to all of you and yours from Mommacan.

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Pamela, thanks for stopping by... a delight to see your comment!

Funny thing... or should I say interesting... I just came across that quote you shar about words, and you'd be amazed at how often I, too, remind myself of that same Psalm ... let the words of my mouth.. be acceptable to You!

Your little fella is a cutie, especially with his pumpkin hat!

A multi-dimensional life said...

Pamela, there is so much sweetness in this post...from the cute story about the "not so sweet" pie to the adorable pumpkin hat on top of your little pumpkin...and the pumpkin prayer (what a great gift idea) to the absolute truth you speak in how our spirit is grieved when we speak tasteless words, contrasted by the complete joy we feel when we heed the spirit and allow Him to fill our hearts with sweet grace to pour out through our mouths...

"Set a guard over my mouth,
O LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips."

Thanks for the sweetness you bless us with!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for Grandparents and Caregivers said...

Wonderful "food for thought." And what a cute hat for the little ones. I have one grandchild who has learned to crochet and three who enjoy making potholders with the looms that ends with a crochet stitch. I'm hoping to graduate them on to regular crochet as well. Thanks for a lovely visit for Spiritual Sunday.

faith hope love ღ said...

Nice post thanks for sharing...God bless you

Sharon said...

Wonderful post. I do not want to be solid pack pumpkin - no sir! Lord, help me keep my words sweet. Make me a pleasing aroma to You!

Pamela, that is the cutest pumpkin hat! And Pumpkin Boy is the most precious sweetheart!


Carol said...

What a great analogy, very wise and thought-provoking.

Darling pumpkin hat, too!

Susy said...

Words are so powerful. I wish I could take back all the hurtful ones I've spoken. But, I've learned to speak life, kindness, blessing and peace. Thanks for the valuable reminder.

Ruth said...

I can only imagine the taste of unsweetened pumpkin pie! I don't want my words to "trample over the quiet checks of the Holy Spirit, to rush out in judgment or with deliberate criticism..." It's my prayer to keep in step with the Spirit and that goes for my tongue as well as my feet.
Love your creative ideas and resources. Thanks for sharing.

Cathy said...

I enjoyed that sweet post, and all your cute pictures. You are so smart to make that precious hat. Thanks for your sweet visit. Blessings ~

Dolly @ Soulstops said...

Thanks for the wonderful reminder about the power of our words. I'm very impressed that you knit such an adorable hat.

Sarah (Nikki) said...

Your little pumpkin boy is adorable.....and with the little hat even more so. Great analogy and powerfulmpost

Renegades said...

What a great post.

Charlotte said...

This brought back memories. I remember one of my aunts telling how she did the same thing when she made a pumpkin pie. She thought it was pumpkin pie mix but it was just pumpkin. I make two pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving and two for Christmas every year. I have done this for decades. It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving or Christmas without pumpkin pie. At least that's what my family thinks. LOL
I like the analogy you used too. It makes a great point.

Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

Love the quote! :-)

Take care and have a nice day :-)

And thanks for your recent comment on My Blog

Laura said...

Would you believe I had a friend did the same thing? Bless her. And me sweet neice made brownines, not once, but two times without the sugar. It's a lesson worth learning :). I love your benediction. I may adopt that too.

And what a gorgeous little pumpkin, you have there! The hat is cute too :).

Laura said...

Would you believe I had a friend did the same thing? Bless her. And me sweet neice made brownines, not once, but two times without the sugar. It's a lesson worth learning :). I love your benediction. I may adopt that too.

And what a gorgeous little pumpkin, you have there! The hat is cute too :).

Nacole said...


i loved reading this post--such a GREAT reminder--especially with four girls--to keep my words sweet and tasteful, and acceptable before God. wow, thats convicting.

thanks for visiting my blog! i love the word durable. God uses many trials to make us so. i hope you will come back soon!

blessings in His grace,

Denise said...

Lovely devotional that I enjoyed.You remind me of my dear sister Delaine who is so good with words and devotionals.You would think that all of us Christians that blog would have that gift or we would not be blogging.It's not true though I love to blog about anything dear to me or whatever the Lord may give to me that day.You though and many others I can tell have the gift of words.God bless you in using your gift.Denise

joan said...

So beautifully stated, so true...

Our words can either be like fruitful seeds or like poison.

Babes Mami said...

thanks for coming by my blog today! Love the little pumpkin boy!!

beauty said...

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