Friday, September 28, 2012

Near to His Heart

We are at this moment as close to God as we really choose to be. True, there are times when we would like to know a deeper intimacy, but when it comes to the point, we are not prepared to pay the price involved.
                                                                    ~J. Oswald Saunders

Draw near, Christ encouraged. 
Not stern command
But whispered promise--
You move, and I'll move.
If you're sincere,
I'll draw near.

It's not easy--this call
This baring of my heart
Like the scary man from childhood
Selling eggs at our door.
Mommy hiding--not answering.
Can I lock my heart and hide?

I check my heart for hidden sin
Ashamed before my God.
Yet in my shame I see Him
Taking that step,
Drawing near
'Cause I drew near to Him.

Throughout this search
Deep in my heart
The slow dance swirls and bows.
One step closer to my God
One step closer to me
Until we meet toe to toe

My hands cupped
Overflowing law;
An offering obeyed
And then I saw, 
Cupped hands overflowing,
Offering grace.



Denise said...

Really beautiful.

Ashley Ditto said...

I love your new look on your blog! Great post!!

Sharon Evans said...

Beautiful poem, lovely talent you have!

Annesphamily said...

Pamela I have missed visiting you and Spiritual Sunday! It is good to see you here and I truly enjoyed reading your lovely words. I hope your weekend is filled with lots of good blessings. Thanks for sharing! Hugs Anne

Linda said...

Precious words expressing our heart's desire.

Denise said...

I love the quote by J. Oswald Saunders; true isn't it? We have choices to make. :)

Beautiful poem Pamela reflecting our desire to draw near! :)

Blessings and love,

BelovedBomber said...

I love the quote too. Looks really nice here :) Many blessings!

Lauren Davenport said...

What a lovely poem.

Joy said...

Loved the poem you posted! <3

Sarah (Nikki) said...

so beautifully written...and perfectly said. Draw motto for this week....Wishing you a beautiful Sunday

Ruth said...

..."we are not prepared to pay the price involved". Ouch! May my heart pursue Him fully! I like to picture my moves towards him and he to me as a dance. That a great big awesome God wants to dance with you and me and is longing for a chance to draw near is amazing...there's nothing he can find in us that he doesn't already know and have a plan for developing, healing, completing...the grace expressed at the end of your poem is so true of what he brings to us, over and over again. Thank you for putting it into words.

Maple Lane said...

Beautiful post, Pamela. Wishing you many blessings in the week ahead.

Alicia said...

Oh, this last line makes me want to jump into His arms--And then I saw,
Cupped hands overflowing,
Offering grace.

Beautiful. Thank you.

FancyHorse said...

What a beautiful poem! I love the way you have expanded the meaning of the verse from James, a verse that I honestly had not thought much about until now. Very meaningful imagery!

Thanks for your comment.

Dorothy said...

Hi Pamela,
Thanks for leaving a post on my blog. This poem is beautiful!!! I'll be back to visit soon.

Courtney said...

One of my favorite verses, because of the promise in it. We taught it to our children this summer, and repeating it with them was so soothing for me. Your poem is beautiful.

Katie E said...

This is lovely. I also found your pinterest boards...lots of beautiful ideas! Thank you for mentioning them on my blog today!

Mimi said...

Thank you so much for popping over and visiting my blog. I love this poem and so very true. OUR cups do indeed over flow with times we may not have a cup over flowing,but give thanks anyway for what we have......we have our needs met...not our wants and wishes all the time.

Jennifer Dougan said...


Wow, that's a sobering quote, isn't it? "We are as close to God as we choose to be..." Hmm, it puts my use of time in perspective each day.

Thankful for a tender God,
Jennifer Dougan

Lisa notes... said...

That quote from Saunders really pricks my heart. How close do I want to be to God? I say very close, but am I prepared to pay the price for that?

Such beautiful poetry, Pamela. Thanks for sharing.

Alecia said...

Beautiful words, that I could get lost in reading. I'm about to reread them!

char72 said...

Wonderful thoughts in this poem. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

char72 said...

Wonderful thoughts in this poem. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

char72 said...

Woops. Accidentally posted comment twice.

Renee said...

Beautiful, Pamela! I'd love for you to share this at a blog hop I'm attempting to start. Here's the link:


Crystal Ridlon said...

Simpy beautiful! A blessing to the Father, and His people!

Karen said...

If not for God's grace, where would we be?! Beautiful thoughts, Pamela.

SunnyToast said...

words are dancing! perfect and thank you for reminding me to put God in each and everyday:)

Shoregirl said...

Beautiful --- absolutely beautiful!
I'm learning more every day about a Saviour with open arms, grace, and drawing near to God.
I've found that even when we feel His chastening hand -- it's always with love and arms open wide to bring us back again!

Kelli Becton said...

one step closer - yes yes

kulasa said...

words that only a beautiful heart can express...I am glad I passed by your page today..blessed day to you and your beautiful family :-)

Christine Wright said...

I needed to hear that quote...and your writing is just beautiful. Thank you for this post.

Cherry said...

What a great quote by J. Oswald Saunders at the beginning of this post - I may need to copy that into my journal. (And thanks for your visit last week, and for your encouraging comment left on my post "He Hears".)