Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Just Cut It Off" -- Sheltering My Temple

"The secret of success is constancy of purpose."
~Benjamin Disraeli

I was becoming weary of numerous (and regular) comments we would hear upon arriving at church or a social outing. “Wow, look at his long hair!” – “It’s in his eyes…” – “He has so much hair!”

Now, I understand that these comments were purely conversation starters, etc. And…every word was true. Yes, Camron (awaiting his first birthday) DID have long hair, he DID have it hanging in his eyes (even after trimming twice!) and he DID have ‘So. Much. Hair!’ But for silly traditions’ sake, for ‘this is mommy’s last baby’s” sake, and the “we waited until the first birthday with the other two boys” speeches’ sake, we endured until chocolate cake had been smashed on that cute little ‘baby’ face. Then off we went the next week to seek a cleaner, older toddler look.

Sure, it bothered me at times and I was truly ready for that Wednesday when we went to our favorite stylist to sever Camron’s lengthy strands of hair.  Now all I can do is remember what this poor baby looked like – his silky strands would lay down so smoothly, but covered his eyes.  He looked like a little girl instead of a boy to those who saw him for the first time. No doubt his grooming (or seeming lack thereof) gave the impression of being unkempt instead of a picture of cleanliness/togetherness.

And then it was cut off. How beautiful! I am sure His outlook changed – he could see! He was even lighter; freer. His happy mommy thought her baby BOY looked adorable.

A few weeks later I had something I love cut off from my life. Now, it was nothing serious. Just a special something I enjoy that wasn’t readily at my disposal for a week or so. Ouch. Not fun at first. But it got better. So, guess what being ‘cut off’ meant to me?

It gave me a clear vision of my surroundings and time to see what God’s will is for my everyday life. Sure, you can look like a great person that accomplishes things with ease and not much effort, but what is your actual calling? I needed to focus more on the things that mattered. When I brushed away the non-important things, slowly I was able to concentrate on the blessings God has given me.

Do you have a long list of ‘things’ that need cut off from your everyday life? Do you have these things clouding the vision God has entrusted you to carry out? Do you look like a not-so-good version of yourself? Sometimes being cut off from something can be a good thing. It gives a fresh perspective, a happy you, happier people around you, and last but not least, makes you look more like the real you should look like.

And now, case in point. I need to cut myself off from working on this entry and go feed lunch to my four (patiently waiting) hungry children…

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