Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sheltering Mothers of Toddlers

A mother is someone who loves her kids even when they are driving her crazy. That definition is one all mothers will agree to. We love the idea of being a mother. We look at our sleeping toddlers and our hearts swell with love. We cheer over successful potty times. We are thrilled with those first wobbly steps. But if we were were all honest, we would admit to days when it isn't all heart-swelling-love.

One baby spoon of carrots can spray a long way. A felt pen won't always wash off a wall. Toothbrushes and hair clips do not flush. You won't remember the last thing you needed at Walmart until you reach for a diaper and realize the box is empty. 

Mothering -- how I loved it! I had a wonderful support system when my children were little. And with nine years between daughters, it was easy. But when I see mothers in the mall -- one crying child in a stroller, little stair-step boys yanking on their momma on each side -- I realize just how much encouragement our young mothers need.  

Have you ever heard, "There's a card for that?" There is, I'm sure. But a simple note card can shelter a young mother just as much as a $4.00 card. 

1. Write a Scripture Blessing:

May the LORD make (Emily) increase, both (her) and (her) children. May (she) be blessed by the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 115:44-15

Blessed is (Melanie) who has believed the Lord would fulfill his promises to her.  Luke 1:45

May the Lord bless and protect (Katie); may the Lord’s face radiate with joy because of (her); may He be gracious to (her), show (her) his favor, and give (her) his peace.

2. Add Encouragement:

You're doing a good job mothering your boys.

{24/7} You're handling that mothering shift well.

Sometimes even a Momma needs a hug. {hug}

Someday your children will "rise up and call you blessed."

God chose you to be this child's momma -- He knows you are the best mother for her. 

3. Write a Prayer:

Lord, envelop this precious momma in your arms -- give rest, peace and joy, expand her heart with love and patience when days go awry. Assure her of your loving forgiveness when she is disappointed with her impatient responses. Give her your heart to know how to train her child to know, love, and live for you. Amen.

4. When God Says "More"


  • Body Butter
  • Candle
  • Journal
  • Soft nightie
  • Purchase three hours of a baby sitter's help.
  • Decadent candy

Parenting Book

Gift Cards

  • Coffee Shop
  • Spa
  • Arts and Craft Store

Give of Yourself

  • 2 hours of cleaning (I wouldn't be comfortable with this, so make sure it's okay before you show up!)
  • A meal that just needs heating.  
  • Child care
  • Laundry 
  • Errand Running
Ideas to Feed your Creativity

I have a board on my Shelter: Postmarked "Gift Ideas for Young Mothers." From creative packaging for cookies to larger gift baskets, each idea can be personalized for the mother God has laid on your heart. Often in our eagerness, we want to choose who we think needs our encouragement. I've found down through the years that, for successful encouragement, I need to ask God who HE wants me to encourage. Often I'm surprised, and through my greatest surprises -- the ones I think, "Really, Lord?" -- I can so clearly see the hand of God.

Don't be overwhelmed with the size of what you can do. I've seen God's blessing on the smallest gestures when done with a loving heart. Jesus, like the loaves and fishes He multiplied, will multiply your gifts of the heart.


Sharon said...

This is wonderful advice, Pamela! I can well remember those early days of mothering, and how tired and discouraged I felt at times. I was lucky to have my mother as a most helpful support person, and I was thrilled when she and dad moved closer to me when my oldest was 2. Invaluable advice, and encouragement, and the best babysitter ever!!

I am now a grandmother, and I always do my best to offer any and all help I can to my son and daughter-in-law. I'm lucky enough to be able to do a lot of babysitting myself. But, I realize too, that my words are important. I also concentrate on offering words of encouragement, and to express how proud I am of how my granddaughter is being raised.

One just never knows how much it means...except I remember how much it meant to me.


Kalin said...

Great advice! Thanks for this post! said...

I love encouraging posts like these Number 4 was my favorite. I also like the gift card idea as well. Great post!

Jennifer DeFrates said...

This is such a great idea! Sometimes a sweet note makes all the difference!

Sarah Eliza said...

What sweet ideas!! Going to have to try to put some of these to use really soon. :)

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

I love your heart to share Christ with the little ones. So encouraging to read and can't wait to do the same!