Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Father's Day Tale

My Daddy:

I met my daddy on September 16th, too many years ago. I didn't know how special he was, although it didn't take long before I made him my own favorite hero. They say the best thing a daddy can do for his children is to love their mother. Anyone who knows him, knows he passed that one with flying colors. He has a giving heart, and he cares deeply when someone is hurting. His integrity is beyond reproach. He not only loves his children and grandchildren, but their spouses, too. He loves it when all of us are together. His great-grandchildren delight him.

My Children's Daddy:

Everyone said I'd never find a husband, because I would never love anyone as much as I loved my daddy. Well, they were wrong! Although it really did take a special man. He was the best choice for me to love, but also the best choice for a daddy, too. He was patient and loving -- so proud of his girls. He loved the girls when they were young -- even when people thought he was Emily's grandfather. But he is still interested and involved in their lives.

My Grandchildren's Daddies:

Then another man joined our family. The one that Melanie says reminds her of Granddad. Shawn is an amazing father to his four children. He puts his family first. He's teaching them the importance of hard work, love for God's Word, and the joy of giving back. 

Most men have time to get used to the fact they will become a father. The last man in our family became a father overnight when, along with Emily, they decided to take an 8-year-old into their home four days a week -- four days that quickly turned into full time. Jonathon is determined to pour as much love and God as he can in the time they have Emma. She's learning things that will last a lifetime.

These are the four men in our family. I'm blessed. Billy Graham said, "A father is one of the most unpraised, unsung, unnoticed, and yet the most valuable asset of our society." Today I'm noticing the fathers in my life. And thanking God for all four of them. 


MaryJane Tauyan said...

fathers are amazing! i just greeted my husband, my father and some of my uncles today. it is such gonna be a party day for them today! way to celebrate our Kings!

Terra Hangen said...

You have some wonderful nurturing fathers in your life. My dad was a great dad too, nurturing and fun. He died in 2007 at age 88 and I miss him very much. Today our sons and I honor my husband and their dad with a BBQ at our house. Hurray for dads.

She Joh said...

It seems like you are surrounded by some pretty amazing men in your life.

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

wow! So many wonderful men in your life. They all sound like great guys! said...

So many great daddy figures. Thats awesome that you were so blessed! I think its cool that you count your blessings in this.

Jenna810 said...

Wow, your family has sure been blessed by some wonderful men! I hope they all had a wonderful father's day. You and your girls are very lucky ladies.

Faith said...

What a great tribute! I agree, good dads are hard to find, but we should recognize them when we do. They are so important to society and the Kingdom of God.

Minivan Ministries said...

I love how you praise these men publicly. I'm thankful you have these great examples in your life!