Sunday, March 5, 2017

Attention to Detail

I've watched her often, adding that last small touch to what she's doing. The ribbon around a bouquet of flowers from her garden, the fresh pansy on a piece of cheesecake, fresh chocolate chip muffins added to the church welcome bag. The table is set with care, but at the last minute, a tiny sprig of flowers is tucked in the napkin ring. Mother Teresa called it doing "small things with great love." I call it "my sister's attention to detail."

Our Heavenly Father is the greatest example of attention to detail. At the same time listening to prayers of Christians in China, the United States and Africa, He's orchestrating answers to prayers of hundreds of others. He keeps track of the number of hairs on our head and dispatches the guardian angel squad. Yet what else does He do? He sees the tiny sparrow that falls to the ground.

While Melodie is lighting tea lights in china cups and tucking a nest into another, God is bringing "just the right verse" to mind for my present need. When Melodie is tucking a new pair of socks and a matching candy bar into a basket for an overnight guest, God is sending a grandson to make me laugh. When Melodie is folding her toilet tissue into a V, God is prompting someone to send me an encouraging card

Attention to detail -- that small loving touch. Melodie has the gift of attention. So often God uses her for the small touches because she does them with great love -- just like her (and my) Heavenly Father.

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Rebecca said...

Yes! What a difference they make - those small touches...