Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Seat is Taken

What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
~William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

After 6 1/2 years of marriage, our family moved from our mobile home into the beautiful house Shawn built. Blessed with room to entertain, we were able to host the Cessna Clan Thanksgiving. I made sure the counter tops and furniture--what little we had--were sparkling. I vacuumed and even cleaned the hardwood floors and all other tile, etc., on my hands and knees so my house would be ready for guests.
But, if you know me, I couldn't just set out plates, glasses, napkins and silverware and call it done. No, no. One of the reasons I enjoy hosting is to be able to decorate my table. [And possibly to make myself go crazy in the meantime!]

Place cards can really help when trying to figure out the seating and will make your guests feel extra welcome knowing you have already taken the time to plan ahead with a special place for each one.

I went to our local Glass Factory where you can buy inexpensive candles, decorative plates and glass items. After making this purchase, my mom whipped up an attractive font and printed on vellum paper a Scripture verse under each name. I wrapped the glass cup, placed a tea light in each cup and presto--a personalized place for everyone at the table.

As G. K. Chesterton said, "[we are]...proud of seeing our names in print." God had a special name picked for His Son. Jesus didn't died on the cross just so the Lamb's Book of Life could read: "John #1, John #2, John #3...Susie #53, Susie #54, Susie #55, enter into the joy of the Lord." No, our name gives us special recognition for things we have done. So we can say, "I'm so-and-so's mother," etc., and someone knows immediately who we are referring to. But most importantly, our names give us the thrill to be able to stand on judgment day and hear our name read loud and clear without thought of who is being referred to. "Melanie Lynn Clemens, you are welcomed into Heaven." "[Add your name here], you are welcomed into Heaven." Wow! Goosebumps!

Each seat around my table at Thanksgiving was reserved ahead of time for a precious family member. How much sweeter will it be to see our names printed in the Book of Life! Is your seat reserved the that great gathering in the sky?


Shore Girl said...

I love how warm and inviting your table looks with the candle place settings.
A side benefit would be that it didn't "cost a fortune" to create this effect!
Beautiful job!

Kayla said...

Love your new blog and all of your ideas. I've already seen this, but enjoyed seeing it again. So beautiful!

Kim M. said...

Nice job, Melanie!