Monday, February 13, 2012

Winners! chose a winner for Terri Stellrecht's book, How My Savior Leads Me.

Winner #3: Rhonda from The Joy of Denim and Lace

I wish I could send all of you a copy.  I do have the copy Terri gave me to review so went back to choose another winner.

Winner #2: Jen from Finding Heaven Today

I also received a note from Terri today.  Visit her blog, How My Savior Leads Me.  You'll find a page for free books.  If you are unable to purchase a book yet have lost a child or know someone who has, there are some books available.  

Happy Valentines Day, My Friends!

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OurCrazyFarm said...

Congrats to the lucky winners!Thanks for sharing Trent's story, Pamela! God bless~ Terri