Pamela's Writings

 Mission Statement 

I will strive to fulfill my life calling from Jesus Christ, the Author and Provider of my salvation.  I will seek opportunities to convey the gospel of Christ through my communication venues available to me.  I intend to exemplify my personal love for and obedience to God and His Word.  I will seek to provide resources for instruction and inspiration.  I intend to maximize teaching responsibilities to selected audiences.  My ultimate goal is to inspire positive change in family, colleagues and readers through verbal and nonverbal development of Christ-honoring media.

       ~ Awards ~

       2011 Retailers Choice Award

          Christian Education  
        Instant Bible Lessons for Preschoolers: God Helps Me

       American Christian Writer's Conference
     1996 Writer of the Year

     1993 Writer of the Year
 ~ Books  Co-Authored ~

            Bible Stories About Jesus


             Ages 2 & 3
             Ages 4 & 5
            Grades 1 & 2
            Grades 3 & 4

            Favorite Bible Heroes


            Ages 2 & 3
            Ages 4 & 5
            Grades 1 & 2
            Grades 3 & 4

          Favorite Bible Stories


            Ages 2 & 3
            Ages 4 & 5
            Grades 1 & 2
            Grades 3 & 4

     ~ Books Contributed To ~

     A Cup of Comfort
     5 Devotions


    Gobble Up God's Word
     5 recipes with go-along activities
    Legacy Press


    Devotions for Kids


~ Articles ~

*Christian Education Counselor 
*Church Educator 
*Kid Ministry Ideas
*On Mission
*Parish Teacher
Preserving Christian Homes
*Shining Star
*Teacher Interaction
Wesleyan Methodist
*Youth and Christian Education

* Articles in various editions of the magazine.