Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Be a Cheerleader!

Some people are in the "balcony" of your life, cheering you on, energizing you with their affirmation. Others are in your "basement" doing exactly the opposite. Joyce Landolf Heatherly

How do we become "balcony" people? Are we born with it, is it environmental, or is it learned? Yesterday I saw some major affirmation and encouraging going on. It was certainly environmental -- passed from one generation to another. 


These "most cutest of all" kids have been cheered on by their parents, parents who were cheered on by their grandparents, who were cheered on by their great grandparents...

Today, be a cheerleader! Affirm a child in your home, on social media, one you see while shopping, or a child living in your neighborhood. Send a grandchild, nephew or niece a note. Here are a few ideas to get your brain working.

1.  I think you’re awesome!

2.  You did a great job!

3.  You make me smile.

4.  I’m grateful God gave you to me.

5. That was a really kind thing to do.

6. Thanks for being such a great kid!

7. Thanks for being such a hard worker.

8. You give the best hugs.

9. I love being your (parent, grandparent, aunt)

10. I saw you helping your mother.

11. I saw you being kind to your little brother/sister.

12. I believe in you.

Try these fun ways to deliver your affirmations.

1. Write the affirmation on a slip of paper, wrap it in a scroll, and tie a ribbon around it. 

2. Write a note. Before sealing the envelope tuck in some confetti.

3. Write an affirmation on a inflated balloon. Deflate and give to a child -- they can read it when they blow it up.

4. Write the affirmation on an index card and post it where they brush their teeth.

5. Make a cake and write the affirmation on the top with icing. 

6. On family night, go around the table and allow each one to give an affirmation to each member of the family.

Affirmation words are powerful -- they stay in a heart forever. I had a teacher once write "very creative" on a writing assignment and I've never forgotten those words. My parents believed I could do anything I chose. It made it easy to try new things and helped me desire to be my best.  

Be a cheerleader! Gift affirming words to a child today. Add ribbons of smiles and tie it into a bow of hugs. It's a gift that will last forever.

Free Affirmation Printable

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Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Such a sweet video, so nice seeing children cheering for other children! Adults need to do this too. There are so many sarcastic and mean spirited folks; if only they chose a few nice words or kind deeds, they would feel so blessed themselves when choosing to be kind.

Kim Cunningham said...

Great ideas! It's so easy to be a critic these days. Everyone needs a little affirmation!

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Wonderful suggestions. Thank you!!! Have a grand day!

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring! It feels great to cheer others on :)

Melanie Redd said...

What a great post! I love cheering people on, and I love to be cheered for!

Thanks for the reminder to be looking for ways to inspire and encourage those around us... to be their balcony people!

Found you on the Faith Filled Friday link up today. Glad to find your site.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa Smith said...

Thank you for the great lists!!! It is nice to have handy reminders.

Alexa T said...

This is amazing!! Wonderful message in your post... everyone can/should learn from it... And thank you for your visit, too!
Have a great sunny weekend of summer!

Unknown said...

I love this! Encouraging other people is something I want my kids to learn. It's very important.

Unknown said...

What a great list! I really want to work hard to become a better cheerleader for those in my life. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Wonderful list, cute ways to remind yourself and share the affirmations!

Christine Smith said...

great reminder and I love how you give such specific ways to be affirming - you are doing a wonderful job here!

Amy Dowling said...

Love this! Thank you for sharing . What a great reminder especially when I've had a rough day with the kids.

Unknown said...

Love this! I'm a big believer in affirming our children. I also like to make sure that the comments are not superficial like you're cute or pretty. I want my kids to believe in themselves and not in their physical appreance only.

Godly Homemaker (Andrea) said...

i think adults need those too :D

Unknown said...

I hope to be a balcony to people and encouragement them often. What a great and creative word picture. Love it!

Marie said...

This is awesome. It doesn't cost a single thing to give positive words to our children. With them growing and learning correction comes naturally but we need to put some extra effort into letting them know the great things they are doing

Marie with Spreading-joy.org

Melanie B. said...

Love these affirmation ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I really need to be better at this! Hubby does a great job - but we are opposites and I should know to do this!!! :) Thanks for the reminder!

Marissa Writes said...

I totally agree! It's all about the positive we pour into our kids. The world will hit them with enough negative.

My favorite line my mom used to say, and I've found myself saying to my kids, "That was so insightful, let me kiss your brain." And then she would always give a light kiss on my forehead....


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