Friday, August 19, 2011

A Lost Song

If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.   ~Chinese Proverb

Have you ever thought you lost your song? Sometimes the demands and yes, frustrations, of life just make us weary. The song that usually sings in our soul, reminding us of God's presence, sounds off key and sometimes fades away.

We don't always know the root cause of our depression (not to be confused with clinical depression):

1. Social (broken friendship, betrayed confidence)
2. Emotional (death of someone close)
3. Physical (coping with pain)
4. Material (financial setback)
5. Spiritual (perceived lack of spiritual growth)

When I find depression clouding my heart many times I can retrace my thoughts and find the trigger.  Other times the "why" seems reticent -- there doesn't seem to be a "reason."

On a Wing and a Prayer
Beautiful book for sheltering

There are times when discouragement clouds a day, and other occasions when depression presses down so hard it affects serveral days and you feel there must surely be a D etched on your forehead.  I have found in these times to just wait -- to ride out the storm. Sometimes waiting involves being alone, shutting out the world and recharging.  Other times we need to be proactive -- shelter someone, buy a bouquet of flowers, listen to music or read an encouraging blog. 

Most of all, offer the cause of your depression to God, read His word and focus on God's promises. Leave your heart open, keep your hope fresh, and the music will return. 

Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee --
How great thou art!
How great thou art!
Then sings my soul, my Savior God to Thee --
How great thou art!
How great thou art!

Paul knew discouragement and, in spite of those times, talked about his God, who comforts and encourages and refreshes and cheers the depressed and the sinking, comforted and encouraged and refreshed and cheered us.

Keep the cage of your heart open.  Keep the bough fresh.  Your song will return. Sunshine as bright as a gold finch's golden coat will glow, drawing others to the source of your song.



Vilisi said...

Such a beautiful proverb and encouraging post!
Thank you. Have a blessed weekend. :)

Susan Rush said...

Such a needed post. Thanks for reminding us that it's not about how we feel, but rather, remaining steadfast in spite of those fickle feelings. I would love to use this in my grief support group. Would that be okay?

Rebecca said...

The timing of this (for me) is perfect! Keep your ear tuned to the Spirit, dear friend. You'll never know all the ways God uses your words here.

Joan Davis said...

Very encouraging words! We all face times of discouragement or sadness. But, the Lord will bring us through. He is our hope and strength each day!

Living for Him, Joan

Sarah (Nikki) said...

this is so encouraging. Thanks Pamela...

Marisa and Brittany said...

Very beautiful!! Our source of joy should never be situational. We must find our joy in the Lord and in all things give thanks (easier said than done) because in the midst of the storm and our tears we find God's mercy, grace, and blessings. Many times God will allow us to come to the end of our rope to bring us to our knees. Our strength is in in Him and not in anything we can offer ourselves. Thanks for the devotional today, Pamela!


Renee said...

What a beautiful the idea of keepin the cage open...and can see the beautiful bird with all it's color...God does walk with us always...such a comfort in times of darkness.

Crystal Mary said...

You had me singing this song, it is beautiful...your post uplifted my heart. God bless Pamela.

Charlotte said...

I think sometimes that singing can lift our spirits when we're down and don't exactly know why. I'm glad you gave me the info on the cost of Charlotte Inn. I figured it would probably be at least $1000 a night.
Hope you're having a great weekend.

Esther Joy said...

I lost my song for a few days last week... We were gone on a disaster relief trip, and for awhile I was the disaster! I got sick and couldn't help. I wondered why I was there. Finally on the third day of sickness I remembered to ask God what He might be trying to teach ME, ...and after that surrender my song and my health came back and I was able to serve again.

Heart n Soul said...

Oh ... such beautiful thoughts :)

Jan said...

Your blog is beautiful and I love the name :) It's so nice that your daughters and granddaughter are your blogging partners! Thanks for the visit to my blog and your kind comment :)

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I love this song~~ I hope we sing it today~

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

I so love delightful old praise and worship hymn songs, and that is one of my favorites. Thanks for a sweet article and reminder on this Spiritual Sunday :)

Joan said...

This is a lovely post, Pamela. I often find that singing songs of worship and praise help to lift my spirits when I'm feeling down. As you said, most of all, take our thoughts, needs, requests to Jesus.


Sharon said...

I am so grateful for the times that God literally gives me a song in my heart. He is a Song that sings to me of eternity...

I love how you said to keep the cage of our hearts open. Yes, sometimes I can't hear the music until I go outside the bars of my own spiritual confinement.

Yes, Lord - how great Thou art!


Sunithi Selvaraj, RD said...

Hi, my first thought was ... what a pretty blog :) and beautiful picture on your header. The song you quoted just happens to be my dad's favorite song ! Beautiful piece. New follower on GFC. Thanks for visting my little corner! God Bless !!

Anita Johnson said...

Hi Pam,
I'm so worn out I almost went right to bed, but stopped to put a photo on my blog for tomorrow...that's when I saw your comment and followed it back to your post here. I'm so glad I did. I can't hear the music right now...we are dealing with a difficult situation, but your words here are a blessing for my troubled heart tonight...and like Paul, I will turn to my God who comforts and refreashes. I'm so thankful for Spiritual Sundays.
With thanks,

Saleslady371 said...

I've been there when I can't find the song and it's no fun. Your post is so encouraging. Bless you!

Felicity said...

Pamela this is a post filled richly with truth.

I had tears welling when I read the segment from the hymn and I must say that your illustrations are particularly poignant for me as I have shared my ongoing journey through anxiety and depression with my readers with the blog title 'Letting My Bluebird Sing'.

Thank you for reminding me to:

Keep the cage of my heart open and the bough fresh.
The song does return - sometimes stronger and brighter and the sun does shine.

Happy day Lovely,

xx felicity

Charlotte said...

I think nothing lifts my spirits more than beautiful music. I'm glad God created music.

Cathy said...

A beautiful and encouraging post, Dear, thank you ~ Blessings ~

amanda said...

I've never heard that before - Keep the cage of your heart open. But it's so true. When we're open God can speak to us and lift His hand in to pull us out. Thanks for this! :)

Jen said...

Whoa -- I have been just swarmed by How Great Thou Art this weekend and today. Just this afternoon, alone in my empty house, I was belting this out so that I could get rid of some of my own "d." Love coming here -- I always feel so affirmed!

Shanda said...

thank you, Pamela. Today has been a very depressing day. The bad part is: there is no reason. I have just begin writing an 8 week bible study for our ladies group, and have a few other speaking engagements on my schedule. I stayed home today, so excited to just study, but depression swept over me and I couldn't concentrate on anything. I have never had that before. I'm wondering if it is a spiritual attack. But...the RX is the same: God's word. It was so nice to hear you and others write of the same thing and to know I am not alone.

Connie@raise your eyes said...

LORD bless you Pamela for sharing and thereby, encouraging others. Sometimes the road to healing lies in allowing GOD to use us for others.

Peaches Ledwidge said...

Yeah, I had a different song in my head before reading your post, but your post took away my song and had me singing How Great Thou Art and It is Well with my Soul.

Donna Lynn Grace said...

So encouraging and hopeful. Thank you. In the midst of those times of sadness, it's good to be reminded to look up. Great post.

HopeUnbroken said...

true and good and helpful words. thanks for the sharing this day.

Laura said...

That proverb is beautiful, Pamela...and so true. Keeping a song in my heart is sometimes a difficult task. You give good advice and encouragement here. And sometimes, I find, that when I am a wee bit blue, lifting voice in song is just the prescription.

Keeping my bough fresh...hugs to you.

Ruth said...

Your words instill sweetness and hope in our awesome God. I expressed thoughts on what to do in the joyless times,also, this week.(You'll notice how you inspired me from your post earlier on Defiant Joy)
We're never joyless with his life in us, but it does often feel like the joy has leaked out.
Music is so much a part of our being and times of D make that so evident. He gives us a song in the night!!
Thank you, friend.

Krista said...

So beautiful...and timely for me to read :)

Little Birdie Blessings said...

What an absolutely beautiful post, one that touched my heart. No matter how close our walk with God is, there will be days or a stretch of days when dread settles in and we're out of sorts. Thank you for the reminder that it's okay, that the storm will pass, and offer suggestions as we wait out the storm. I was in one of those "storms" recently but am doing much better now.

Thanks so much Pamela for your prayers and always offering an encouraging word. ~ Abby

Alice Lynn Alfred said...

What a beautiful post! I can so relate ~ I have struggled with depression and that "empty" feeling for most of my life. God is so good, though, because my depression and sense of emptiness has become my que to go be alone with Him and get filled up on Him ~ He has been the best prozac in the world!!! I have learned to welcome depressed feelings because they lead me to the cross where I find comfort, assurance and true hope for the future!! Thank you so much for this well-written, eloquent post...I just seem to love all your posts....I could be in here all night!!