Friday, June 27, 2014

The Shape of Dreams

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~Harriet Tubman

Was my dream heart-shaped from the moment it was birthed?  It seems as if it came from Jo--the tomboy of Little Women. The one who raced to finish her chores so she could curl up in a corner of the attic and read?  Although I wonder too, was it my mother's love of the written word that determined my path? Or was the path forged by her mother, my Grammy, who wrote, among other things, beautiful letters to her pen pal in France?

At what time does a dream begin to grow? Is it the seeds from other generations?  Does God hand pick our dreams? And those dreams--do they begin small or do they shape to our soul from the beginning?

Harriet Tubman's dream was to free slaves. I have to wonder when that dream took place.  Was it the moment she understood color had everything to do with social standing. Or was it when she saw an unmerited beating? Or maybe it was when she felt the heat of the day seep into her skin, listening to the smooth notes of Go down, Moses, Let my people go.  Or was it the day she tried to block a landowner from hurting a fleeing slave, only to have the two-pound weight hit her own head?

I don't know what point it began, I just know that Harriet Tubman's dream was heart-shaped. She didn't wake up one day and decide to hide a few friends. No, it was a dream. She thought about it and talked in whispers about it to her people. She didn't let the sleeping spells she had after the weight incident stop her. She didn't let the fear of being caught stop her, either.

This Moses-like woman's determination to live her dream was legendary. She led 300 people through the underground railroad and didn't lose a single one. She made a difference in 300 lives! 

I have no illusions that my writing would in any way compare to Harriet's dream. But I wasn't called to her dream -- I am called to mine. 

 My teaching is as precious as your eyesight—guard it!

Write it out on the back of your hands; 

etch it on the chambers of your heart.

Talk to Wisdom as to a sister. 
Treat Insight as your companion.
Proverbs 7:2-4

I'm called to spend time in the Word -- to envelop myself in God's wisdom. I'm called to write truth, to offer grace, to etch encouragement on the hearts of all I meet on this journey of my life. 

God holds my dream in His hands. He has gently shaped it to fit in my soul. But I have found He leaves the enlarging of it up to me. To learn my craft, to grab the opportunities He orchestrates, and to develop my voice. 

God doesn't hand us dreams we can't be passionate about. I always want to couple my passion of encouragement with writing. I can't separate the two. He gifted, but the responsibility is mine. 

What dream is God shaping for you?  
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Bernadyn Nettles said...

These are wonderful ways to reflect and put things in perspective. Thanks for sharing and now following on G+. :)

Beckey said...

This was beautiful Pamela! God gives us our dreams. If we obey and walk the path He sets us on - they will come true in the way He meant for them to bring Him glory!

Miss Kathy said...

"God holds my dream in His hands. He has gently shaped it to fit in my soul. But I have found He leaves the enlarging of it up to me. To learn my craft, to grab the opportunities He orchestrates, and to develop my voice."

Pam - these words lift me today! I am always struggling with doubt voices telling me that it's not time and my dream isn't God's plan for me. Even though my passion and skill sets have been with me from childhood and I can't see me doing anything other than what I do. I hear coarse voices telling me I'm being selfish and need to "grow-up" - OH! The battle!

Thank you for these Christ centered words of encouragement. There is a lot of stuff out there of late talking about pursuing dreams, but I want to be smack dab in the center of God's will and timing to make my dreams come true.

So appreciate your ministry, dear lady . . .

Shoregirl said...

I'm glad you're using your passion to bless others!

Deanna said...



I am feeling the need for a fresh dream.


Ana Sullivan from The Lost Apron said...

I loved this post. I have been trying to figure out how to make my dreams a reality. I have been doing your steps 1, 3, and 5. But recently started doing step 2 and I have gotten much more clarity. Now I will try step 4. Thank you for the love and support you give your readers.

Floyd said...

Good word, sister. The gift of free will to choose to persevere could be one of the least comprehended of our Father's gifts. Well said, I am encouraged.

Jennifer Dougan said...


I'm glad you are hearing God whisper to you, and that you are seeking to live your art and passions for his glory.

Words and learning are my passions too. You can do it!

Jennifer Dougan

Esther Joy said...

Hmmmm... I think I needed this post, Pamela. I feel kind of like I am in a change of seasons, and am not quite sure of the dream right now! Maybe it's because my heart is heavy for my nephew who is struggling so against brain cancer that has returned, and he's on my mind and in my prayers so much... but you have given me cause to contemplate...