Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sheltering Ties

Open your hearts to the love God instills...God loves you tenderly. What He gives you is not to be kept under lock and key but to be shared.  
                                                                                     ~Mother Teresa

I have found the hearts of God's true disciples are bound in love.  I think I see this most clearly through the eyes of blogging.  I'm amazed at the love that has been born in my heart for those I have never met.  There's a passion in my blogging sisters. A passion for sharing the lessons God is teaching. Women writing authentically in the midst of life's messiness. 

How can you meet a sister through the words of grace and not feel a tug of love?  In these grace-filled words they offer peace, pour oil of comfort, share joy, and celebrate the mundane.  Mentors surface, blurring the edges of age--the young mentor the older, and the older reach back to grab memories to mentor the young.

This sharing of Christian love isn't a newness that came with the blogging in the 21st century.  In 1740, John Fawcett was born in England.  When Fawcett was 30 and pastoring a small congregation, he wrote a song celebrating the tie that binds God's people together.  

"Blest Be the Tie That Binds"

"Blest be the tie that binds
Our hearts in Christian love!
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like to that above.

Before our Father's throne
We pour our ardent prayers;
Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one,
Our comforts and our cares.

We share each other's woes,
Our mutual burdens bear;
And often for each other flows
The sympathizing tear.

This Christian love has spanned the years, joining hearts together with ties that bind.  Ties that are formed of kindred spirits--spirits whose goal is to follow God with heart, soul and mind.  Kindred spirits I have found in the words of my blogging world.  We admit our fears, share our hopes and dreams, shed tears in shared grief, and just as quickly rejoice in our blessings.

But our ties do not end when the computer is turned off.  It is then we meet at the Father's throne, asking God through Jesus Christ to comfort, encourage, and meet financial, emotional and physical needs. Our posture and our words lack the formality of the 17th century, but God hears our prayers just as clearly.

I'm blessed.  Blessed to have these ties.  Blessed to be gifted love from women of God who live around the world.   Blessed by those who breathe encouragement when it is called, "Today."

 Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today.
Hebrews 3:13

* * * * *

Celebrate the Ties

Father's Day is over, but these projects can be easily adapted to other occasions.  Jonathon and Emily are leading Children's Church for June.  This is the project they helped the children make last week.  She found the idea on Vippins.

These fun treat ties were made by Krista, a friend of mine.  She combined a couple Pinterest ideas. The ties are filled with Lemon Snack Mix recipe.  The tag says:

Here's a special tie for you, 
to tell you thanks for all you do. You are 
Happy Father's Day!

One last idea that I found and really liked.  RB's ties are not safe!  He better put them under lock and key.

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joy said...

Yes, that is true. This blog world connects us and i am so happy to be part of it. My world is not small anymore. Thanks for this beatiiful inspirational post:)

Anonymous said...

You are so good at what you do. :) Love, love, love you!!

Rebecca said...

Pamela, I'm sure there might be other songs that could be a Blogger's Theme Song, but if I could pick one, this would be it! It so describes my experiences.

Today, I thank God for YOU - and wonder if yet in THIS life we might actually get to meet face-to-face?????

Lisa Boyle said...

What beautiful lyrics! I, too, have made such wonderful friendships from blogging. It has been encouraging to meet women who share the same values and beliefs. What a wonderful sisterhood in Christ we all share! :-) The Father's Day crafts look adorable. We have to celebrate in a belated fashion, as my husband is away on military duty and won't be back until July 1st, so maybe I'll have my children make one (or more) of them for him when he gets home! It is such a pleasure to "meet" you! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I am happy to be your newest follower. Have a great weekend. Many blessings, Lisa

Doniene said...

What a great reminder! Thank you for sharing!


Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Thank you , Pamela!
wonderful intro quote and followup is my experience as well..
blessings ~

Esther Joy said...

I started making a tie quilt out of my husbands ties. It wasn't looking so good, so I put it away, but you may have inspired me to get it back out and try again!

I, too, am thankful for the "ties that bind us together" in His love!

Nikki (Sarah) said...

Love the truth of this post. I have met so many amazing people here in cyberworld.....people I'd have never met. I love that. wishing you a beautiful Sonday.....

Cathy said...

That is such a lovely post, Dear, thank you. I thank God for all of my sweet online friends. :) Blessings ~

likeschocolate said...

So so true! Thank you for your sweet comment! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Charlotte said...

I love this. The tie that binds. What a great post on this important subject. I'm still amazed at the tie that binds bloggers together. It's something non-bloggers just don't get. They don't know what they're missing.

sharon said...

I love this post, as it says what I feel Ive only been blogging for a month and already I have felt the blessings pour in from around the world. Bless you Sharon

Ruth said...

Your words have tied together this bloggerhood experience well. It has been a blessing to me that's for sure.

My crafty creativity loves the ideas you've shared.

Have a wonderful week!

Mindy @ New Equus - A New Creation said...

Love all these cool ideas! :) Thanks for sharing! Hopping from Finding Heaven.

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful...the connections in the blog world have taken me by surprise too...thanks for this sweet post...blessings to you~

Lisa Smith said...


You have a beautiful blog, a beautiful legacy. Thank you for sharing it with me today. It's a pleasure to visit!!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Pamela ... you do so well at encouraging us all. Thanks for the blessing you are to so many of us.

Neat tie projects too!

Kathy M.

Heidi said...

I'm so grateful for all of the godly ties in my life! Great post :)

Unknown said...

you mean it didn't start with blogging? lol - love that song & what cute craft ideas - thanks for sharing!

Esther Asbury said...

What adorable projects you've included along with your inspiring post!

Judith said...

What a sweet expression of encouragement. I love that song. It brings back memories of very special friends from long ago when I was young(er.) I associate this song with close friends. You are so right that there is a closeness in friends we have really never met. I think of many of you when I am not online, often stopping to pray. I have found friendships that have encouraged me because as I write. Something in the act of writing words to uplift others encourages oneself also.