Friday, May 26, 2017

Work and Watch by RB Kuhn

I'm happy to have my husband, RB, writing a devotional today. 

     Those fifty-pound bags of dog food (the sum total of which added up to 40,000 pounds in one semi trailer) seemed like feathers... And why? Well…at the end of the task, I collected my $7.00 cash – just enough to fill my 1967 Ford’s tank so I could make the 150-mile trip from my college dorm to Glen Campbell, PA, to see my bride-to-be. Not a bad hourly wage for 1974, right? (Talk about motivation!) The three of us un-loaders then rushed to our 7:00 a.m. beloved Greek class to recite our Alpha, Beta, Gammas for Dr. England.

     Yes, the dog food labor was inconvenient – Too early. Cramped my schedule. Didn’t pay much. But, oh, the rewards – A weekend of Mom’s good cooking. And all-day date with my girlfriend – Just think of it!
     Are you beginning to get the picture? Work seldom brings hilarity during its action, but what wonderful satisfaction and benefits show up later!  At the end of the day, even though we may feel fatigue, groan with sore muscles, and sigh with weary brains, we can pause to ponder the good things.  We can stand still and see the salvation of the Lord as He brings to fruition the labor of our hands. 

                                   Lord, give me strength throughout the day
To work and watch and pray –
And help me give my best to You,
In all I do and say
– RB Kuhn

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