Monday, September 14, 2015

5 Steps to Know God More Deeply

The man who would truly know God must give time to Him. -A. W. Tozer

Rain, ground-soaking, refreshing rain.

I walked outside for a few minutes, just to watch and breathe deeply of the freshness. As I watched, I was reminded of a verse I read recently:

Let my teaching fall on you like rain;
Let my speech settle like dew.
Let my words fall like rain on tender grass,
Like gentle showers on young plants (Deut. 32:2).

While watching the ground soak up the rain, my thoughts gravitated to the desire of soul-soaking rain. I want to study His attributes more so I am daily learning more about my Heavenly Father, His holiness and the holiness He requires of us (not to be confused with man's definition).

My heart is ready to soak up the rain of God's teaching. I'm passionate about my desire to know more of God. The problem with passion is that sometimes it's all over the place. Being intentional focuses me, creating more of a tunnel vision, reducing distractions that prevent me from getting more accomplished. 

Here are my five steps to living an intentional life of knowing God more deeply.

1. Open Your Heart

Daily open your heart to God, asking to learn more of His attributes and, through them live more like Him. A Christian's main purpose is to know God. It is God who birthed this goal in us. This is a prayer God loves to answer.

2. Take Action
Ask yourself, "What one action can I take today to further my purpose of knowing God?" Without neglecting the Bible -- the best source to know God more -- are you reading Christian Living books, biographies of spiritual giants, or connecting with a mentor? 

3. Use your Bible
It's good to use devotional material, but it doesn't take the place of digging in the Word. Does your devotional mention a particular verse? Find it in your Bible. Does your devotional book include suggested verses to read? Read them. If you are studying the omnipresence of God, search for verses like, "The eyes of the LORD are in every place, Watching the evil and the good" (Proverbs 15:3).

4. Write it down.

There's joy in looking back over what God teaches us. Write down verses and quotes, and journal about the ways you've seen God's omnipresence in your life. Ask yourself how you can personally apply what God is teaching you.

5. Daily Evaluations
Look back over your day. Did you pursue your purpose? Do you know God more deeply today than you did yesterday? On those days when life takes over, replace the frustration with praise God for who He is, while reviewing His attributes.  

The deepening of your desire will only be achieved if we are intentional and faithful to pursue it. As God's gentle showers fall, my heart is watching, breathing deeply of the freshness, renewing my passion to know God more fully. I've turned my umbrella over, put on my galoshes, and I'm heading out to dance in the rain.


Denise said...

great tips

Sharon said...

Pamela, your God-given advice is always so helpful to me. Thank you for today's admonitions. And yes, it's so true, isn't it - we find Him when we seek Him.


Marissa Writes said...

Pamela, I simply love your graphics, they are so adorable and inspiring!


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Unknown said...

#3 seems to trip people up the most... So often people say "I think" or "I believe" but they do not know why or cannot reasonably back up their ideas with Scripture. Truth doesn't change, God's Word is the same - always. It's time to encourage people to get back to that.

Denise said...

Beautiful! I love the graphics!

Melanie B. said...

I love the image of dancing in the rain of God's Word.

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

Write it down! That is such a good one - then we can see how the Lord how worked in our lives!

Unknown said...

Love this list, especially the open your heart and write it down. These 2 things have helped me greatly!!

Andy and Ana said...

Good Morning Pamela, I miss visiting your blog. I'm so tired of Facebook...the news, politics, ugh. Your post are so refreshing. I've taken down notes and love your pretty cards,too. Thank you for the scriptures God's words ever working to the progress of our soul. Much appreciate it, mrs. ana p.s. enjoy the rain...when it rains~God visits the earth :)

Rebecca said...

We share a passion - knowing God.
We share a challenge - focus.
I haven't seen you for awhile. Lifting you to our Father as i write here....

Anita Johnson said...

It's nice to visit here again! I wish over the years I had kept a journal.... A place to keep favorite books, quotes, sermon notes and verses that have changed my walk with God over the years . I guess it's never to late to start!